Jordan Doole

Jordan Doole - Pitching Director

Varsity Pitching Coach Patrick Henry High School

Coach Doole is currently the Varsity Pitching Coach at Patrick Henry High School. He has been instrumental to the success of the pitching staff there, guiding them to a (1.15 ERA in 97 IP) with 115K, 4 Complete Games, 3 Shutouts, and (5) 1-Hit Bids in 14 games played.

Much of his training took place at the premiere pitching development facility in the United States, The Texas Baseball Ranch™️, led by Coach Ron Wolforth, near Houston, TX. Coach Doole believes in this unique training approach that first and foremost identifies mechanical inefficiencies, and movement restrictions. His training program emphasizes the importance of reducing arm pain first; resulting in developing better command, velocity, and effective off-speed pitches. The goal is to find a throw for a pitcher that has no pain, and explodes out of the hand. Coach Doole believes that velocity is not “God given” but can be developed in a formulaic way, and looks forward to sharing these cutting edge training techniques with you!

He believes that he can reduce and even prevent arm injuries by teaching proper throwing mechanics, and analyzing mechanical inefficiencies in a player’s throwing motion. By doing so, Coach Doole helps reduce recovery time and redirects the focus towards building a healthy, durable arm.

Far too often, arm pain and injury have become normalized in ballplayers. Youth athletes have few alternatives for help besides ice, rest, and in extreme cases, their local orthopedic surgeon. Identifying the 11 possible upper and lower half disconnections in a player’s throwing motion and reducing them helps pitchers throw harder, recover faster, perform more consistently. Identifying these early in the pitcher’s career is vital and is critical for pitchers to protect their arms and their careers. Our goal is for players to become their own best pitching coach. We empower players and help them understand their own most efficient throwing mechanics. If they can do this, they will be able to make adjustments and adapt their training and drills accordingly. Every player has their own unique throwing motion so we try to augment what they already do well while making adjustments to areas of disconnection.

Jordan played baseball at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego where he was a 2 year Varsity player, as a pitcher and an outfielder. He was selected First-Team All Eastern League, Varsity MVP, and Pitcher of the Year. He graduated from UC San Diego in 3 years, and was the pitching coach and a member of the Club Baseball team. During those summers, he attended the Texas Baseball Ranch, to further develop himself as a pitcher. In his time spent training at the Ranch, he gained 5MPH on his fastball, and learned how to throw virtually pain free.