John Kennedy

John Kennedy - Director of Operations

Assistant Head Coach Classical Academy

John Kennedy, Jr. was born and raised in San Diego. Baseball has been a huge part of his family life since he was just five years old. His father coached John and his younger brother throughout their youth and the two were practically raised on the little league fields. John and his brother both played varsity high school baseball as starters and went on to play for local community colleges in the late 90s. John was permanently injured during a try out for the Cincinnati Reds, but his passion and love of the game never wavered. His younger brother went on to pitch for several teams in the major leagues. John has played first base since he was thirteen years old and loves to share his passion for the position. He believes he has a lot to teach kids about the physical and mental aspects of America's pastime. John teaches not only the basics but also advanced techniques to excel at this awesome game.